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Transition Studies Online Institute is a self-guided learning environment to help global citizens educate themselves on the issues that are most important to our survival.

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This learning environment provides information, links to current news, key documents from government sources and non-governmental organizations, as well as video documentaries about climate change, environmental ethics and environmental justice issues.

The sources and links listed here are for you to use in whatever manner you find helpful for research, or activism in public information campaigns, course preparation, teaching, letter-writing, lectures, class presentations, policy discussions, article writing, civic or Congressional hearings and citizen action campaigns, etc. “Transition Studies” … because extinction is not the goal…
BACKGROUND: It is now necessary to re-think the “fossil fuel” bubble in the evolution of the modern world. Currently, the industrial world is living as if we had infinite resources and finite energy supplies. We have this fundamentally wrong in both respects. In reality, we need now to recognize instead that we live on a finite planet with infinite through-put solar energy. Coming to this realization will require a major transition in our thinking and our collective behavior. The required transition represents an about-face in our self-understanding. We need now to move beyond the illusion of continuous growth as a desired goal and embrace instead the behaviors and values that assure stability and sustainability on a finite planet...

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